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Nudist paradise of Europe

Ada Bojana is a naturist resort located in the further south of Montenegro, on the estuary of Bojana river into the Adriatic Sea. Ada is the most famous tourist jewel of Montenegro.

Nudist resort in Ada with a specific environment, skillfully hidden from the prying eyes surrounded on two sides by the beautiful River Bojana and on the third side by the cleanest seawater. Many people say that the best recommendation for tourists who want to come to Ada the advice: “If you ever wish for a dream holiday in costumes of Adam and Eve, Ada Bojana is definitely the right choice.”

Beach and sea bottom are covered with sand. Umbrellas on the beach are woven from reeds and sticks.. Ada is the most beautiful in the twilight – when during sunset occurs amazing play of colors of the sea, sand and sky and joins together into a unique image.

Big beach

Touristic pearl

There is almost no tourists who spent a summer holiday in Ulcinj and that has not visited the Big beach of Ulcinj . This beautiful beach is located only 5 kilometers from city center of town Ulcinj. Big beach is long 12 km and 60 meters wide. Beach area is 600 000 square meters. Beach capacity is 150,000 customers. Big beach in Ulcinj is extremely popular among tourists because of the very fine sand, whose grain has a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 mm, and resembles flour. The sand has a very beneficial health properties, and lying on it is recommended primarily because of problems with the limbs, sciatica, spine, and for the treatment of infertility. Below Djerana Cape, at the very beginning of the Big Beach is a marina, known as “Porto Milena” a real gem for the eyes, deep into the land with countless wooden hut on the water, which the locals call “Kalimera”.

Old Town Ulcinj

South Gate of Montenegro

Ulcinj’s old town is like many other medieval towns on the Montenegrin coast. It is surrounded by thick stone walls and towers, which for centuries guards Ulcinj’s history, culture and tradition. For The Old Town, Ulcinj’s people say that the fortress is a unique beauty. The ramparts surrounding it directly sprout from the sea covers an area of 3 hectares. Consist of the citadel – the part that is called the upper town and fortress of a military character, which is located on the highest plateau of rock and urban settlements that cover the southern area girded dangerous defensive walls. It is believed that the first builders of the Old Ulcinj were Greeks from Epirus, at the end of V and early fourth century BC …

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Old Town Bar

Montenegrin Pompeii

To stay in Bar, and not visit his old town the Old Bar, is the same say the people of Bar as if you have not been in that city. Old Bar, which is 4 kilometers away from the center of New Bar, located on a steep cliff at the bottom of the mountain Rumija. The city has been successively built several centuries. First is the area that the Old Bar occupied was much closer to the coast, but due to frequent pirate attacks, the population had to be moved to the inside, so today the Old Bar is almost 5 km away from the sea. Bar is made of the fortified city core, enclosed by walls from the XI and XII century…

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Old olive tree in Mirovica

Olive tree old more than 2000 years

Old olive tree in Mirovica, a living monument of nature, protected by law in 1963, one of the oldest olive trees in the world, dates back more than two millennium. Legend says that under her treetop peaces was made amongst disputed families . Olive is over 2000 years old and is one of the symbols of Bar…

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Skadar Lake

Paradise for the eyes and a place to enjoy

Skadar lake area is 391 km2, the largest lake in the Balkan. The lake is cryptodepression, which means that its larger part is below sea level. The coasts are jagged and rich in numerous bays, peninsulas and capes, mostly marshy overgrown stretched zone of cane. Small town, river Crnojevica, on the shores of the lake, is full of natural beauty and historical heritage. Lake is full of islands and peninsula on which there are traces of a turbulent history a valuable cultural inheritance. Skadarsko lake is a bird paradise, has 264 species of birds, many of which are for the most part of its range, thinned and endangered.

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